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Tooth whitening is a cosmetic procedure which aims to lighten your enamel. Even though yellowish or greyish tones are natural, they can make some people feel self-conscious about their smile.

The most common teeth whitening techniques are:

  • In-clinic teeth whitening
  • At-home whitening under a dentist’s guidance

In both cases, the products used contain peroxide. This agent modifies the molecular structure of deep and superficial stains, making teeth look whiter and brighter.

Pre-treatment dental examination

Before determining which teeth whitening approach is right for you, we need to perform a complete oral examination first. This examination allows us to:

  • Determine why the shade of your teeth has changed
  • Assess the responsiveness of your enamel to treatment and potential results
  • Plan any necessary repairs
  • Plan the replacement of any restorations to make sure all your teeth are the same colour after treatment

Why do teeth change colour?

  • Plaque or tartar buildup
  • Pigmented drinks or foods (coffee, red wine, spices)
  • Tobacco products
  • Some medications
  • Natural aging

Available procedures

In-clinic treatment (1 or 2 appointments)

This procedure is relatively simple and consists of applying a high-concentration peroxide bleaching gel to the teeth. To limit discomfort, the product contains a desensitizing agent. We also apply a protective barrier to the gums.

This method produces quick and noticeable results after just one session with the added benefit of a professional environment and a dentist’s direct supervision. It also allows for touch-ups until the desired shade is achieved.

At-home treatments under a dentist’s guidance

Before you can start an at-home whitening treatment, custom-made trays must be made using your dental impressions.

The procedure consists of placing whitening gel inside these trays, which you keep in your mouth for a period of time specified by your dentist. The hydrogen concentration and application time are determined based on the desired result. The bleaching gel contains fluoride to remineralize the enamel during treatment.

This treatment is affordable and means you spend less time at the clinic. The trays are yours to keep, allowing you to do occasional touch-ups to keep your smile bright.