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About Dentavive

Dentavive was founded by Dr. Amir Dadkhah in January 2019. This innovative and eco-friendly dental clinic offers a unique and thorough approach to oral health care.

Dentative is different. The clinic is deeply committed to the environment and to forging close relationships with each and every patient. We are guided by the principles of mutual trust, preventive care, qualified staff, attentive service, effective treatments and concern for the environment.

A three-pronged approach:

1. We use a personalized approach to ensure that every patient receives quality dental care that suits their needs and lifestyle.

2. We strive to meet the highest industry standards through advanced techniques, emerging and proven technologies, safe and sanitized facilities, and action plans for immediate results and long-term satisfaction.

3. Our groundbreaking approach favours procedures that are healthier for you and the environment:

• Increased use of non-toxic, biocompatible and cosmetically appealing materials
• Steam sterilization with no chemical products
• Digital documents to reduce paper waste
• Digital x-rays to significantly reduce exposure to radiation
• Water- and energy-efficient equipment
• Lower overall production of waste and pollution

Allow us to welcome you into our sleek, modern and environmentally conscious space in Montreal’s Centre-sud area.

We look forward to seeing you soon!